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Ayurvedic Nutmeg Sprinkle

Inspired by the effects of international travel along with the busy rush of life I was inspired to put together a powder that targeted the nervous system.


  • Nutmeg

  • Pippali

  • Ajwan seeds

  • Cinnamon

  • Fennel seed

  • Coriander seeds

All spices were whole or in seed form, I used my mill to turn them into a powder. This was then applied to any savoury or sweet meal throughout the whole of summer. It was best sprinkled over warm fruits for a light flavoursome snack or over some steamed green veggies or a well dressed salad.

  • Nutmeg provides the nervous system support, digests toxins and enkindles the appetite, which is beneficial when travelling and constantly being introduced to new foods. Nutmeg has rejuvenating and aphrodisiac actions while promoting sleep, therefore increasing the nurturing effects.

  • Pippali supports Agni and helps digest Ama while clearing the channels. Therefore the negative effect of over eating excessively rich foods can be gradually negated.

  • Ajwan seeds is a digestive, mild laxative and corrects the flow of Vata and removing Kapha. It also kills parasites in the GIT.

  • Cinnamon reduces aggravated Vata which is ideal during air travel over long distances. It aids in circulation, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems.

  • Fennel Seeds are Tridoshic and work on the digestive, respiratory, nervous and urinary systems, it works on increasing Sattva and the clarity of consciousness.

  • Coriander seeds are cooling and provide the balancing energies to the above dravyas. It alleviates intestinal spasms, excess heat, digests ama and lifts the Spirits. This is particularly useful in summer when the appetitie might be low and sluggish and the heat needs to be reduced inside the Srotas (channels).


Nutmeg is heating and can aggravate pitta.

Pippali is heating and can aggravate pitta.

Ajwan should be avoided during pregnancy and high stomach acidity.

Cinnamon should be avoided during high pitta

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