Retreat into the Winter Wild Cove

Thursday 6th to Monday 10th January 2022 - with Jessica and Kitty

“If the ocean can calm itself, so can you, we are both saltwater mixed with air.”

                                                                                   - Nayyirah Waheed


This Winter, join us on retreat along the Cornish coastline. This will be the fourth year that Jessica and Kitty bring together their love of yoga, with the combination of Yin and Wild Flow, and so much more...


The setting for this peaceful and nurturing retreat that we have planned for you is a beautiful traditional Cornish homestead, just a stone's throw away from one of the most stunning untouched parts of the coastline. This retreat is all about experiencing the nook of the cove; in the cosy home, we reside and in the surrounding nature. A place to retreat inwards or to explore epic walks along the ocean, or simply relax in the tranquil garden.


Open up all forms of your expression through the opportunities you will have to draw, to write, to flow, to be still. Enjoy a country kitchen where the most delicious foods are prepared; take time to read in a cosy rustic lounge. All this helps create the most magical spot to retreat and recharge.


Our daily yoga practices will be Wild Flow and Yin Yoga. Wild Flow, the studio signature class at Wild Wolf’s, taught by both Kitty and Jessica, will take place every morning, followed by morning silent time, enabling you to savour breakfast to the full whilst enjoying the Cornish lifestyle. Nourishing Yin Yoga in the evening will take us deep into our bodies and into the darkness and quiet of the Winter evenings.


Yoga will take place in the Village Hall at Porthallow Cove. A little walk away from our countryside retreat. Our practice spot could not be more perfect as the hall overlooks the ocean. Is the Cornish ocean beckoning you? 



Arrive the early evening of Thursday 6th January

And depart after breakfast on Monday 10th January



Experiences are available from £500 per person

This included 4 nights of accommodation, including three wholesome meals per day and all yoga classes.

Most rooms are double beds with limited single bed options. If you want to share a room, you must be comfortable sleeping in a double bed.

A deposit of £100 is required upon booking with limited spaces available. A supported (karma yogi) position is on offer. Speak to us if you would like to be considered to lend a hand throughout the retreat for a discounted price.



Bookings and all enquiries to be made to Jessica and Kitty via wildcovecollective@gmail.com

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